Super Bowl or Boring Bowl?

I’ve never been much of a football fan. I don’t understand it (and Mommy surely can’t explain it to me). I don’t understand the appeal of chasing after a ball made out of pig bladder. Yuck. Mommy spends too much time keeping my teeth perfect for them to rattle around in my head playing football. Sweating in helmets can’t be good for one’s hair. Lastly, I tend to whine when I fall and I don’t know if that’s acceptable in football. Nevertheless, the TV is on and I am watching. Actually, let me rephrase that sentence. The TV is on and I am watching anything else but the screen. That’s more like it.

We are almost at half-time and I have only enjoyed two commercials so far. One was for Volkswagen and there was a DOG in the commercial. I thought that was pretty cool but then the end got very confusing for me. It looked like the people turned into aliens or something. The other commercial that I liked was for Sketchers. There were a BUNCH of dogs in that commercial and it was awesome! The star of the commercial was a very cute French bulldog. So far, I think he’s the MVP (Most Valuable Pooch) of the entire game.

I am really excited about Madonna, though. Most of you know that I love fashion so I am really looking forward to her clothing choices. Uhoh, Mommy just said that if there is any lack of clothing, I will not be allowed to watch. I sure hope Madonna pulls through and that I can watch her performance.

Despite the fact that I think that this Bowl is pretty boring, I am from the NJ/NYC area so I am partial (barely) to the Giants. What do you think of the game? What team do you want to win the Super Bowl?


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