My First Week with Benji Button, by Mello Bear

First day together sharing cuddles with mummy!

First day together sharing cuddles with mummy!

Hello Everypawdy,

I have an exciting story to share with you. Last week my mum & dad got up super early, earlier than they’ve ever gotten up before, it was still dark outside. Mum got into the shower and then put on her outdoor clothes, so did dad. I was very confused, I mean, my humans love sleep, so do I! We hadn’t been in bed long enough! Then they got the car keys and left, and they left me home alone!! I didn’t know what was going on, I was confused and still sleepy so I went back to bed.

Watching Benji Button play in my bed for the first time with MY toys!

Watching Benji Button play in my bed for the first time with MY toys!

A few hours later I heard the garage door going up, the humans were home! I was still confused but very excited they were back, I don’t like hanging out on my own. It gets very lonely! First mum came inside without dad and she smelt funny! She picked me up and gave me cuddles and kisses but I was more interested in smelling her, I’m not silly, I KNEW she’d been cuddling another puppy! Next came the exciting part! Mum carried me outside and there was dad! In his arms was a fluffy little puppy and mummy said to me, “Mello Bear, here is your new present, his name is Benji Button!”

I protect Benji Button while we sleep together! This is mummy's favourite picture of us.

I protect Benji Button while we sleep together! This is mummy’s favourite picture of us.

OMG! I couldn’t believe it, now I have my very own brother! He is smaller than I am but very bossy, I don’t mind, sometimes I need someone to encourage me to explore and get into mischief! Benji Button is a cavoodle and we have the same dad (furry dad).

On the first day home Benji Button decided to steal all my things! My bed, my toys and even cuddles from mum & dad! I don’t mean to brag…but I’m a nice girl, I don’t mind sharing! I decided right from day one to teach him all the things I know!

Benji Button has been teaching me how to garden. We have figured out how much fun it is to dig the lawn up and bring all sorts of twigs and branches into the house!

Benji Button has been teaching me how to garden. We have figured out how much fun it is to dig the lawn up and bring all sorts of twigs and branches into the house!

I love my little brother! He is teaching me how to be bad and I’m teaching him how to be good. We are yin and yang and we are perfect together. Thanks for allowing me to share my story with you!

Lots of Love, Mello Bear xoxo


Introducing Guest Blogger, Carmello Bear!

Introducing Guest Blogger, Carmello Bear!1When I wrote earlier, I told you that I was going to be posting TWO times today! That hasn’t happened in a long time. So…here’s my second post! I have an announcement to make. Someone new is going to be guest blogging here and I’d like you all to meet her!



Mello Bear and I met on Instagram right before she had her very first hug from herIntroducing Guest Blogger, Carmello Bear!2 new Mummy. I’ve been watching her grow up and it’s been really cool because…well…who DOESN’T love to watch puppies grow? Mello is a Spoodle. In the US, we call that a Cockapoo (Personally, I like the word “Spoodle” better but, either way, they’re cute and Mello is so, so, so, SO pretty!).

Mello lives in Australia and I think that’s really neat because that’s where I was born. I always like making new friends who are from Australia and I seem to have a lot of them on Instagram. I guess that’s sad because I know that Mello and I will never have a real play-date with each other Introducing Guest Blogger, Carmello Bear!3but we get to “see” each other almost every day on Instagram. That’s tons of fun!

I asked Mello if she wanted to guest blog and I was so happy when she said yes! She has a very fun story to tell so I’m going to publish her post tomorrow. I KNOW that all of my readers are going to love it!

Since my audience is SOOOOOO nice, I know that you’ll all give Mello Bear a warm welcome tomorrow! I also encourage you to follow her on Instagram so you can see all of her fun adventures and photos!



Summer Heat PSA

Summer Heat PSA1Today I’m going to be blogging TWICE!! This blog post is going to be able an adventure (or a NON-adventure) that I had today. The blog post I’m going to write a little bit later will be about my friend Mello! I met her on Instagram and she’s a Spoodle. She wrote a WONDERFUL guest post so I’m going to introduce her later and publish her awesome post tomorrow! I hope you’ll all welcome her very warmly!

Today’s post is about an outing that Mommy and I wanted to take today. As many of you know, I made a Dog Days of Summer Bucket List. You can see my bucket list items in the photo to the left. Mommy and I decided that we were going to cross off one of the items today. We decided that we would go to the Starbucks drive-thru together and I’d order my first Starbucks Puppuccino. Then we were going to headSummer Heat PSA2 to Petco and get me more food because I was running very low.

We walked outside and it was HOT! Mommy and I got into the car and the AC was already on. It was STILL hot! I was on a blanket so the hot leather wasn’t hurting me or anything but even the blanket was quite warm. Before Mommy even put the car into drive, I was panting. She looked at the AC and she looked at me. She looked at the AC again and she looked at me again. She started driving and we got exactly 3 houses away.

Mommy turned around, we got out of the car, and Mommy brought me back inside. Within just a few minutes of being inside, I stopped panting. Mommy went to Petco by herself and I stayed in the cool house.

We hear ALL THE TIME that it is so dangerous to leave animals in Summer Heat PSA3hot cars. Heat is very serious and it can kill animals (and people). Mommy hadn’t left me in the car or anything but even with her next to me and the AC on, it was STILL way too hot for me. Mommy said there was NO WAY for her to know when the car was going to cool off enough (or IF it would cool off enough for me). Mommy said that it’s absolutely awful for people to leave their animals alone in cars but being in the car with me was just as bad. I didn’t belong in the car at all.

I really wanted to go to Starbucks and going to Petco would have been fun but I was much happier inside today. There will be many other days when Mommy and I can cross the Puppuccino off my bucket list. Today just wasn’t the day for us.

To anyone who is reading this blog: Summer Heat PSA4DO NOT LEAVE ANY PERSON OR ANY LIVING CREATURE IN A CAR ALONE. In addition, before you set out to drive, ALWAYS consider the conditions of the car, even if you are going to be in it with your pet. What might be OK for you might be lethal for your furry friend. Being left in a car alone is wrong but sitting next to your pet in unbearable conditions isn’t the way to go either.

When Mommy got home, I helped her pour my food into air-tight containers. Then, we went outside and spent a few minutes in the shade. After THAT, I came inside and sat right in front of the freezer! That was all a LOT more comfortable than being in a hot car! The Puppuccino can wait!



Grandma’s Garage Guilt

Grandma's Garage Guilt1I haven’t been feeling too great lately. I’ve actually been pretty pathetic. I’m on the right track to feeling better but, let me tell you, my life isn’t really perfect…ESPECIALLY when I got locked in the garage last week by my GRANDMA!!!! I was shocked; I could hardly believe she did that to me!

OK…maybe she did it accidentally. OK…maybe she didn’t even realize she did it at all. But she still did it and I was still locked in the garage! I was trying to be so nice to Grandma but it backfired on me. She went into the garage to get something. The garage is attached to the house and the door to the garage is in the foyer. Grandma opened the door and walked down the step into the garage. I didn’t want her to be lonely, even for a second, so I followed her into the garage. Do you think she cared that I was keeping her company?? Nooooooo. Not at all! I was like the Invisible Labradoodle. She didn’t even know I was there.

At the same time that I was trying to be a good helper, Mommy was upstairs doing work in my room. The window was open and she was paying very close attention to a project. In the back of her mind, she kind of heard a whining noise. After a few minutes, she wondered if there was a cat outside. The whine got louder and Mommy got up to look out the window. She didn’t see any animals so she went back to work.

After another minute or so, it hit her and the panic struck. She jumped upGrandma's Garage Guilt2 and started screaming my name. She looked under her bed and I wasn’t there. She opened the doors to all of the rooms in the upstairs and I didn’t come out of any of them. She ran downstairs and saw that the door to the basement was open. She screamed my name downstairs and she heard Grandma yell, “I’m on the phone!” Usually as soon as Mommy says my name, I’m right by her side so she continued running around (kind of like a crazy person). She opened the bathroom door, the coat closet, and then…the garage door. There I was, whining…with two paws on the garage floor and two paws on the step. I was wearing my Cone of Fame! Mommy was so apologetic and felt soooo sorry that I was locked out there. She felt terrible that I was alone and in the dark. She was also concerned that I got into something that I shouldn’t have (I didn’t.). THAT would have been terrible.

Mommy was mad. I mean, she was really mad. I actually saw smoke come out of her head. She couldn’t even talk to Grandma about it because she was so upset. I know that it wasn’t on purpose but I seem to get locked in rooms with some frequency. Mommy always tells everyone, “ASSUME that Raegan is with you at all times!” but sometimes people forget. People say that I’m sneaky and quiet. Mommy says that they need to be responsible grown-ups. I think I’m a mature grown-up but I guess sometimes I can be super quiet when I follow people around.

Over the next day, Mommy calmed down but the next time she saw Grandma, she said, “Be extra nice to Raegan!” Grandma's Garage Guilt3Grandma started telling me how pretty I looked even though my eye was still infected. Mommy told her that she wasn’t supposed to be nice to me because of just THAT. She was referring to extra niceness for the garage incident! Grandma apologized profusely.

Over the following few days, nothing really happened. Things were just as they usually are. Oh wait, there was something out of the ordinary. One of my Instagram friends said that I needed to get Grandma back for what she did. I didn’t want to be mean but I did want to teach her a lesson. Soooo…I thought about what Grandma uses every morning (a pan, peppers, eggs, sugar, a fork, a knife, and milk). I took all of those things and…hehe…I locked them outside in the garage fridge. Hahaha!!!! I got her gooooood because she was confused the next morning!

Then…on Saturday night, I looked in the kitchen fridge and I saw something that I LOVE!! I’m sure you can guess what it was. I saw SHRIMP!!!! Grandma said that she bought it out of Garage Guilt! Woohoo!! I was getting a shrimp feast!

On Sunday afternoon, the shrimp platter came out of the fridge. Mommy said that she was going to take a few pieces for me. Grandma said she could take two. TWO?! TWO?!?! That was it?! I almost always get three and I sometimes get four! What was this nonsense about only two pieces of shrimp? Ohhhh, Grandma said that she realllllly got it for a family dinner. Grandma's Garage Guilt4Well, that was tricky. My Garage Guilt Gift wasn’t even really for me! It was for everyone else! Mommy put two pieces of shrimp into a baggie for me and I ate it after the family dinner.

SECRET: While the family was eating the shrimp platter, Mommy pretended to eat a piece of shrimp. When nobody was looking, she put her hand down and gave it to me so I got my regular three pieces of shrimp. Don’t tell anyone about that, though, OK? Mommy isn’t in the habit of feeding me when people are eating but this was an exception. She was making sure I got my THREE pieces! So there!

Grandma and I have made up. All is well. A precedent has be set, though, and I’m going to make sure that Grandma knows it. The penalty for closing me in a room is…SHRIMP!!



The Past Few Weeks

The Past Few Weeks1Oh my goodness, you guys! I’ve had the craziest month and a half or so! Things have been totally nutty. Even though I love my vet, I’ve had enough trips to his office lately to last me a few YEARS!!!! A lot of people have asked me what’s going on so I’m going to try to wrap this up in a nutshell. I could probably write forever, though.

The beginning of the middle of May: Mommy noticed that I was losing hair on my tail and tush. She brought me to one of my vet’s associates and I got a special shampoo to see if it helped my skin. As soon as we got home, Mommy gave me a bath. Well, THAT was interesting. You guys know how I like my spa days and I’ll just say this…Mommy would get FIRED from a spa job. She didn’t even give me my blueberry facial that I get at my regular spa! She did do just as the vet said, though, so that was good.

The end of the beginning of June: Mommy called my regular vet and said that, in her gut, she thought that myThe Past Few Weeks2 hair issue and some other symptoms were more than a skin issue. My vet agreed and I had an appointment to check for Cushing’s disease and for hypothyroidism. Mommy has hypothyroidism and we’re basically the same so I figured I’d have that diagnosis. Well, as it turned out, I was diagnosed with BOTH Cushing’s disease AND hypothyroidism. Sheesh! Mommy was pretty upset but it’s totally cool now.

A few days after my Cushing’s diagnosis: I went to the vet AGAIN to get an ultrasound and urinalysis/culture. The ultrasound showed that my Cushing’s is pituitary-dependent (This is a GOOD thing!!). Yippee! Mommy and my vet decided that unless my symptoms get worse, I’m not going to take medication. Right now, my symptoms are The Past Few Weeks3panting, a little extra thirst, having to use the ladies room a little more often, and some hair loss. I’m not uncomfortable at all so we’re just going to monitor everything VERY closely (as if Mommy doesn’t watch me like a hawk already)! Mommy wanted a photo of me while I was “in the hospital” for a few hours so Dr. Glauberg sent her a picture of him and me. Mommy received it and got teary-eyed. In Target. Right around the corner from my vet’s office. She LOVED the photo but, geez, Mommy!!!! I hope nobody we know saw you! How embarrassing.

A few days after my ultrasound and urinalysis/culture:  My vet called saying that I had a bladder infection. Awesome. Mommy took a drive to his office and picked up some antibiotics for me. I take the medication at night and I LOVE it!! It’s so tasty and yummy!The Past Few Weeks4

Spa day last Friday: Oh boy…I forget what I did that was so fabulous but Mommy surprised me with a bubble bath at the spa. I was so excited! Mommy grabbed my shampoo that I got from the vet and drove me to the spa. Right before we walked in, Mommy noticed that I had some guck right around my eye. She didn’t want my groomer to think that Mommy didn’t take care of me so she quickly wiped the guck from my eyes. Mommy briefly thought that I had some redness right below my right eye but then she took another look at it and thought it was fine. I spent about 2 hours getting my beauty treatments and then my groomer called Mommy to tell her to come pick me up. When Mommy arrived, my groomer told Mommy that my right eye was very red. The Past Few Weeks5Mommy looked at it and didn’t notice anything. As soon as we were in the car, in sunlight, she noticed that there was definitely something wrong with my eye because I could only keep it about halfway open. When we got home, Mommy told me that I had to rest my eye and we took a nap together. Well, our nap lasted THREE AND A HALF HOURS! Hehe, we really like naps! When we woke up, Mommy freaked out. My eye was NOT looking good at all.

Girls’ trip to the ER: We went straight to the emergency vet. Grandma came with us! Woohoo! Mommy was nervous and Grandma DEFINITELY didn’t think it was a party but I hadn’t been out past 10PM in a LONG time so it was really cool! The emergency vet did a cornea stain on both of my eyes and it turned out that I had a chemical abrasion on my right eye. Mommy likes investigating and putting pieces of life puzzles together but she just can’t figureThe Past Few Weeks6 out this one. She put it through her mind several times and some of the puzzle pieces are missing. She doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to solve this. I got antibiotic eye drops and…the cone. I’ve never worn a cone before and there was NO WAY I was going to wear what people typically call The Cone of Shame. NO WAY. Mommy decorated mine so I wore The Cone of FAME. A bunch of people saw it and said that Mommy should sell them and she said exactly what she said when we went to the emergency vet: “I need that like I need a hole in my head.” I have NO IDEA why Mommy would need a hole in her head. Wouldn’t that make blowdrying her hair difficult???? How would her colorist make sure everything was even? OOPS…I mean, Mommy doesn’t do anything to the color of her hair. That’s a hypothetical question, of course.

The weekend: Rest, rest, rest, naps, naps, naps, eyedrops, eyedrops, The Past Few Weeks7eyedrops. That was what the weekend was like. Mommy took care of me ALL weekend and we spent a LOT of quality time together making sure that my eye was healing. It oozed a lot so she gently cleaned it a few times per day…VERY gently…and just as the vet suggested.

Today, Thursday: I went to Dr. Glauberg’s office and he said that my eye is ALL HEALED!!!! Yippee skippee!! I don’t need my Cone of Fame anymore (Mommy had actually taken it off last night.) and I don’t need any more eyedrops! Yesssssss! My right eye still squints when I’m in the sunlight but the vet said that both of my eyes will probably be fully open outside in the next 48 hours or so. Now that I’m no longer wearing the Cone of Fame, I can go back to wearingThe Past Few Weeks8 my pretty dresses (or whatever I want!) and bows.

The week of July 7: I have to go BACK to the vet AGAIN to do a recheck to make sure my bladder infection is all gone. Fun times.

TBD: I’m not sure how we’re going to track my Cushing’s. I don’t know if I’ll get regular tests or if I’ll just have tests according to symptoms.

September: Routine liver enzyme test (I think that’s what it’s called.)

November: Vaccines (YUCK!!!! Mommy and I don’t like these at all!)

Mommy took a photo of me in front of the vet’s office today. Afterwards, The Past Few Weeks9she took a look at it and said that it’s more than just a photo of me. It’s a photo of me AND HER WALLET (in her purse) in front of my vet’s office. That sounds about right but I’m worth it! Hehe.

Anyway, that’s my story! I’m really glad that everyone has been so kind to me. Mommy is taking such good care of me (as she always does). My friends keep asking how I’m doing. My Aunts have been very sweet. My grandparents have been treating me like a baby. I’m TOTALLY not a baby but I’ll take it! My vets and the rest of the staff at Millburn Veterinary Hospital have been absolutely wonderful! We’re very grateful that I have such superb veterinary care from Dr. Glauberg and his entire team! I really love them!

Cheers to health and wellness for ALL!




Help Find Chase

Help Find Chase 1This post is going to be brief because I want to get this information out to all of you as quickly as possible. An Instagram friend, Chase, has gone missing!

Help Find Chase

  • Chase was last seen on June 20, 2014 in a 2-story house in Fort Ord, located in the city of Marina, California. He was in the house and might have run off when someone accidentally left the gate open. There is no proof of that, though, as there were no witnesses.Help Find Chase 2 Chase was last seen at 4AM on June 20th and he was with his owner. She fell asleep and when she woke up at 8AM, Chase was gone.
  • Chase is wearing a black collar. His ID tag is black, too. The collar was loose because Chase’s neck is very small.
  • Chase is a light cream colored Shihtzu/Poodle. He is 6 months old, weighs about 4-5 lbs., and can fit into a child’s single hand.
  • Chase loves all food but prefers meat, apples, and dog food.
  • Chase responds to his name but might not run to a stranger simply by the call of his name. He is more attracted to a high pitched, excited voice of a person kneeling on the floor. Help Find Chase 3When his name is called happily, he will come close to a stranger but will jerk away if the person is too fast with action and he thinks of trying to catch him as a GAME.

IF FOUND, PLEASE CALL 831-402-0248 or 831-883-8399 OR email 

Please share this and spread the word that Chase is missing! Every moment counts so I hope somebody finds my friend very quickly! His family misses him very much!



Run for Koa

Run for Koa 1A few weeks ago, one of my Instagram friends (@mynamekoa) fractured his left femur by its growth plate. He had his leg amputated and is a true warrior! I am so proud of Koa and I am so lucky to be his friend! His updates are so special and it has been amazing to watch his recovery! If you’d like to visit his Instagram profile, click here. I have been running for Koa every day because when he got hurt, he asked his friends to run for him until he is well enough to run again.

Guess what???? ThatRun for Koa 2 day is almost here! Koa has an appointment with the vet tomorrow and, hopefully, he will get the green light to run! How awesome is THAT? Koa is truly inspirational!

In honor of Koa’s big milestone and as a celebration of his life and wellness, I’m organizing an International Run for Koa. I’d like to ask Koa’s friends, my friends, and your friends from all around the world to Run for Koa 3participate in Koa’s run. As such, please feel free to share this with your friends.

Let me give you a little information so you know how you can participate in what is going to be a fabulous and heart-warming virtual event!

WHO: YOU!!!!

WHAT: This is aRun for Koa 4 celebration of Koa’s life and resiliency! This celebratory run will be on the day of Koa’s first post-amputation run.


WHEN: June 22, 2014

WHY: This is to show Koa that he has lots of love and support from all around the globe! Don’t forget your hashtag (INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT THAT ARE BELOW.) because I’m going to be usingRun for Koa 5 it to search for your photos on Instagram. Once I have them all, I’m going to print the photos and make a scrapbook of them to snail-mail to Koa. I want him to have an International Run for Koa scrapbook!

INSTRUCTIONS: Take a photo of your dog in motion. If your dog can run, great! If your dog wants to walk, that’s great, too! The point is for us to be a warm community for Koa during his first post-surgery run. Tag or mentionRun for Koa 6 @mynamekoa in your photo and use the hashtag #runforkoa if you are posting a photo to Instagram. If you don’t have Instagram (or have a private account) and are posting your photo to my Facebook fan page, you don’t need to use the hashtag. I’ll see your photo post. Make sure that somewhere in your post, you include your dog’s name and your location.

Note: Koa’s favorite color is red. It’d be fabulous if you could incorporate the color red into your photo somehow. Some ideas include your dog wearing a red accessory during his or her run or walk. Maybe he or she has a red leash and collar set? Maybe you have a red bandana? How about a red barrette? You can put Run for Koa 7a red border around your photo. If you need help or ideas, Mommy and I will provide assistance.

Above and Beyond: If anyone would like to go above and beyond and contribute to the fundraiser set up for Koa’s medical expenses, please visit

Thank you SO much, my friends, and I can’t wait for our #runforkoa! It’s going to be so much fun for all of us but, most importantly, I hope that Koa has a blast!



To My New York Rangers

Mommy and I adore watching hockey together. Being a New York Rangers fur fan is totally wonderful! The Rangers gave us quite a thrilling season this year. I am so proud of them that I can hardly contain myself. Actually, I CAN’T contain myself at all and that’s why I make videos for them all the time and post Rangers pictures everywhere! It’s also why I have New York Rangers-inspired photo shoots and own every piece of officially licensed NHL New York Rangers dog apparel. I can’t wait to see the Blueshirts return in October. I’m already counting down the days!

To My New York Rangers

Thank you, New York Rangers, for a marvelous season and for awesome 2013-2014 memories! You play with heart and soul and make it an honor to love the best hockey team in the world. I am very grateful for what you give to your fans. You are my hockey heroes! Again, thank you!



PS- I’m your most enthusiastic fur fan EVER!


Toy Review: Zippy Paws’ Jigglerz

Toy Review Zippy Paws Jigglerz1Not too long ago, I got an email from someone who works for ZippyPaws. I was confused by the email because it was sent to my address but it seemed like the sender was talking to a human. Was she emailing me? Was she emailing Mommy but accidentally used my address? It took me a little while to figure it out but the mix-up was solved when Mommy and I realized that I was being asked to review a dog toy. We were SURE that Mommy wasn’t being asked to review a dog toy. That would just be silly!

As you know, I love doing toy reviews so I was very excited to hear about this opportunity. ZippyPaws is a dog toy company in Southern California (my favorite!) and they asked me to review one of their Jigglerz toys. The word Jigglerz sounded like fun so I had a feeling that the toy would be cool, too!Toy Review Zippy Paws Jigglerz2

One day, there was a noise outside and I ran to the front door. There was a box addressed to me. Mommy and I opened it and we heard crinkling noises! That was my new toy! It crinkled AND squeaked AND made noises that sort of sounded like squeezing a water bottle! Oh, I was SO excited. I was jumping all over the place and desperately wanted to play.

Mommy let me have the toy and the first thing that I decided to do was to hold the toy up against Mommy’s leg and squeak it. Mommy’s leg is the BEST toy-rest. If I put a toy up against her leg, she just stands there and lets me play. Grandma does the same thing. I also used her leg to kind of hold my toy, as well! Mommy let me use her leg for longer than Grandma did, though. Good Mommy!

In the days that followed, I have played with the toy lots of times! I should have mentioned that before Mommy gave it to me, she cut off the tags. There was Toy Review Zippy Paws Jigglerz3one white tag and one black looped tag at the top of the toy. Mommy cut off both of those because she didn’t want me chewing them. With the tags off, the toy was officially mine. Most of the time, I play with it on the floor. I did get a little attached to it, though, and bring it from my bedroom to the top of the staircase (where I sometimes like to rest).

Mommy laughed at me one day. I don’t think it was fair to laugh because I was being very self-sufficient. Apparently, Mommy thought it was oh-so-funny that I picked up my Jigglerz by the head and ran out of the room. The bottom of the Jigglerz was dragging on the floor and I kept tripping over it. Mommy said I could hold it sideways like a stick but I liked holding the Jigglerz up and down just fine!

My particular Jigglerz is a parrot. I think my favorite two things about my Jigglerz parrot are that it makes crinkle noises AND squeaky noises. Oh, there’s one more thing that’s really awesome! It’s large enough that Mommy and I can play with it together. We played very gentle gamesToy Review Zippy Paws Jigglerz4 of tug a few times. I can easily have one end of the toy in my mouth while Mommy holds the other end of it. It’s also good for fetching. Even though it’s not a ball, it’s still good for throwing (lightly). Whenever Mommy does that, I run after it and fetch my parrot. Mommy does keep an eye on me, though. She sometimes gets nervous that I’m a little TOO interested in the crinkly noises. She always makes sure that I’m not EATING the crinklies. I’ve never done that, though; it only LOOKS like I’m trying to figure out a way to eat the crinklies.

If you want to see all of the Jigglerz toys that ZippyPaws offers, visit their website at Look for my parrot! Do you see him? He’s pretty bright and colorful! You guys, my readers, know my personality so which one do you think screams, “Raegan”? There are so many colors and animals available so there’s definitely something for everydoggy! Which one do you think suits your personality best?

I love my parrot Jigglerz. I actually keep Toy Review Zippy Paws Jigglerz5it in one of my beds, for easy playing. If you like toys that offer a lot in the way of stimulation and interaction with your Mommy or Daddy, definitely take a look at these cute options! I know I have my eye on another Jigglerz. In fact, I’m going to HOP back over to their website to look at it now.

As a reminder, if you want to look at their toy selections, visit their website. If you wind up getting a Jigglerz of your own at any point, please be sure to post photos of it on my Facebook page! I’d love to see you with yours!

Happy playing!



The Tale of my Instagram Ghosts

The Tale of my Instagram Ghosts1Once upon a time, I started an Instagram account. I loved it and made lots of doggy friends on it. We have a great time together and enjoy talking about each other’s photos and experiences. It really is quite fun. The friends I have made are amaaaaaazing!

Then, one day, GHOSTS invaded my account. It started slowly and then they just kept following me, almost like how the ghosts follow Pac-Man!! It became overwhelming in the Land of Instagram so Mommy and I just ignored it. We saw the ghosts multiply and multiply, though, and it became frustrating.

Let me back up a bit and answer a few questions.

Q: What is an Instagram ghost? A: An Instagram ghost is an account that follows you but never interacts with you. These accounts are sometimes deserted accounts, bots, or people who just go on Instagram to look at other account’s photos but not post photos of their own. They don’t add anything to your account, such as comments or likes.  Many of them are accounts that are meant to lure you in and try to sell you something.

Q: How do I know who my ghosts are? A: I used three iPhone apps for this. They all pretty much do the same thing but using them together sped up the process of getting rid of my 2,800 ghosts!!!! The app names are Followers Pro, Ghost Users, and Followers. I found them by doing a search in the App Store. I searched for “Instagram ghosts.” The apps will tell you who is following you and whether or not you are following them back. The apps will also tell you who you are following and whether or not they are following you back. The first thing I did was unfollow most of the accounts that weren’t following me back. None of them were my good friends so there wasn’t a need to follow them anyway. A lot of these accounts weren’t ghosts, though. They were active; they just chose not to interact with me, which is totally fine. The apps also tell you who your new followers areThe Tale of my Instagram Ghosts2 and who has unfollowed you. The unfollowers are interesting to see! Next, I looked at the “Engagement” numbers. I could see who gave me the most amount of likes, the most amount of comments, and the most amount of likes and comments. My biggest fan is…guess who…MOMMY!!!! I will probably do something special within the next few days for my doggy friends who are the most active with my account. After that, I looked at the ghosts. The apps tell you who has given you the least amount of likes, the least amount of comments, and who has given you NO comments or likes.

Q: Great, what do I do with the ghosts, the accounts who have given me no comments or likes? A: This was a tedious task but one I’m SOOO glad I completed. I looked at my list of ghosts and it was somewhere in the area of 2,800. Two of the apps that I listed above allow you to change your engagement with 160 accounts each hour. The other app lets you change your engagement with 99 accounts per hour. I’ll give you the instructions of what to do in one app and then you can apply them to others, if you wish. Follow 160 (or 99, depending on the app) accounts at a time. Click the follow button. If the follow button is already highlighted, unfollow and click follow again. If a “Requested” indicator comes up, that means the account is private. Quickly go into Instagram, do a search for that username, unclick the request button, and block the account. Blocking the account will mean that the account can no longer follow you. The reason why you want to do this quickly is because you do NOT want to give spammy ghost accounts the time to accept your request and then wind up following them. After you block the ghost you’ve just requested to follow, go back into the app and continue following your other ghost followers. Once you’ve reached your limit for the hour, hurry into Instagram. Go into the list of accounts you are following. One by one, block those accounts. If an account is questionable, I blocked the account (which made them unfollow me) and then unblocked them. If those accounts want to follow me again, they can always click the follow button again. My guess, though, is that they won’t since they’ve never interacted with me. At this point, I have TWO ghost followers. One is an The Tale of my Instagram Ghosts3account that followed me just a few days ago. I can’t count him as a ghost yet since he hasn’t had time to interact. The other is an account that Mommy is just starting that’s related to hockey. :)

Q: Why do you care about ghosts? A: My Mommy does a lot of work in social media and with apps so she likes having clean accounts and using social networks as they should be used. She knows that the quantity of followers you have is MUCH less important than the QUALITY of followers you have. I had over 5,000 followers but the likes I got per photo didn’t match up with that number. Now that my list of followers has been cut in half, my likes will be much more balanced and make a lot more sense.

Q: Can more ghosts follow after you go through this process? A: Yes, but now that I have these tools, I’ll run my account through one of them about once per week and stay on top of it. A ghost here and there is MUCH more manageable than thousands of ghosts!

Q: What if some of your ghost followers are just accounts that want to see your photos but don’t want to interact? A: This is my opinion and my opinion only. I’m a dog. I’m cute. My photos are sometimes funny. If you never have anything to say to me and don’t respond to my comments on your photos, there’s no reason for a mutual or even unrequited follow.

Q: I heard that some followers are bots. What does this mean? A: BotsThe Tale of my Instagram Ghosts4 are basically robotic accounts that follow you for the sole purpose of making it look like you have more followers. They often have only one photo posted and that photo is usually advertising how to buy more likes, comments, and followers.

Q: I like you. I’m not a ghost! Will you make me unfollow you even though we talk all the time? A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! I have lots of Instagram buddies who are very special to me. In fact, I’m looking for even MORE real friends now that I’ve cleaned out the “extra.”

Now that my account is ghost-free, I am going to continue to enjoy the time I spend in the Land of Instagram!

I hope this explains the process of cleaning ghosts from your account. Like I said, it’s kind of time-consuming but soooo worth it! If you think this article will help someone else, please share it! Good luck with your ghosts!!



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