Home Spa

Home Spa 1I don’t know how it happened but somehow rain fell on me. That’s never really happened before because Mommy always puts a raincoat on me or tries to take me outside in between rain showers on nasty days. Somehow I got wet one day, though. Ladies, you know what that means, right?

It means messy, dirty, and wild hair. I wanted NOTHING to do with that. I’m used to orderly, shiny, and neat hair so my after-the-rain hair was quite alarming. I really do need to go to the spa but Mommy couldn’t stand the mess one moment longer so we decided to try bath time at home. ThisHome Spa 2 is the second time we’ve done that in a few years so it was definitely an experience. At first, I didn’t know if I was going to make it but I should have known to trust Mommy.

It all started with the running of water. I wasn’t sure if the bath was going to be for me or for Mommy but as soon as I looked into Mommy’s eyes, I knew it was for me. She put me into the bath and that wasn’t Home Spa 3too bad. The water was only a few inches high so it was just like wading in the South Pacific Ocean. Then, everything changed. Water was poured on my head and it was like getting caught in a wave in the South Pacific Ocean. I didn’t have a bikini. I didn’t have goggles. I was naked and just had to get through the waves. Mommy gave me a nice shampoo massage (Twice!) and then a conditioning massage.

After my bath,Home Spa 4 Mommy took a VERRRRY long time blowdrying my hair. I pretty much took a nap while she did that because it took so long. The warm air was relaxing so I decided to take a snooze while she brushed and styled. I didn’t need to be awake for that. The whole point of a spa is to rejuvenate so a little nap was great!

The final step of the process included some finishing touches. Mommy trimmed the hair around my eyes just a tiny bit to make sure I could see properly and that she could see my eyes. Then it was time for my mango dry conditioner. I didn’t get a blueberry facial (or any kind of facial, Home Spa 5for that matter) but I guess I’ll have to forgive Mommy for that one. She doesn’t have a full range of spa products…and it’s probably better that way because I prefer going to the REAL spa. I could have had several spa treatments at the real spa during the time that it took Mommy to give me ONE shampoo and blowout.

My hair is getting long so I have to go to my professional groomer anyway but at least I know that Mommy isn’t TOTALLY incompetent in the spa department! I wouldn’t give her five stars (or anything close) but it wasn’t completely awful.

The pictures in this post were taken throughout my home bath. What do you think of how the home spa treatment went?




Disaster1You guys! I don’t know what’s happening to my life but things are going really wrong. I mean, it’s a disaster right now. I was so happy at the beginning of the week. The New York Rangers won two games over the weekend and Monday was a good day. The only thing that wasn’t too great was that Mommy had to go to the doctor because she’s been sick for a while.

When she got home from the doctor, she got the opportunity to go to the Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. She knew that deciding to go was a bad choice but they were honoring our goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist, for breaking a huge record soDisaster2 she really wanted to be there. She promised that after the game, she would start taking very good care of herself and start her medicines from the doctor.

I was VERY upset that I couldn’t go to the game. I cheer for the Rangers just as much as Mommy does, if not more. I like them just as much as Mommy does, if not more. I have Rangers apparel just like Mommy does, if not more. I think you get the picture. Anyway, I don’t understand the discrimination against 4-legged fans. It’s terrible.

Mommy was going to the game and I had to stay HOME. I planted myself in front of the TV (See pic above.) because I figured I’d watch the game from our den while Mommy watched from The Garden. Grandma had one job…ONE JOB: Disaster3to take care of me. I’m EASY!! All I needed was a little break outside at 7pm, the hockey game turned on at about the same time, dinner between 7pm and 7:50pm, and a big break outside at 10:30pm. That was it. Easy peasy, right? Well, apparently it wasn’t.

  1. Grandma went out for the evening and fed me dinner WAAAAAY too early.
  2. I didn’t get to pee at 7pm. I had to pee at 6-something.
  4. My big break outside was at 9:30pm. That’s so early!

Everything wasDisaster4 all messed up. The Rangers won the game…IN OVERTIME! It was a very important game for us and it was a very exciting game. I missed all of it, though. I’m so mad.

Mommy was home tonight, though, so I got to watch the game like I usually do. I got my dinner punctually. I got my little break outside right before the game. We turned on the TV. I enjoyed the game. The Rangers won! I got my big break outside. When I finish writing this, I’ll get another little break outside and then I’ll be done for the night.

Disaster5After the game was over tonight, another catastrophic event happened. Grandpa was in the kitchen and I heard a little bit of activity and then…”Uhoh, I broke the tiara.” MY TIARA?!?!?! He broke my tiara?!?! My beautiful pink and diamond tiara?!?! I wanted to cry! Mommy is so upset and I am heartbroken! That tiara has jewels all over it and it’s soooo pretty! I can’t believe it’s broken! Mommy is going to try to fix it, though. She said she MIGHT be able to make it as good as new but she can’t promise me anything. I sure hope she can put it back together!

Well, that’s all for now. Please keep your fingers and paws crossed, guys. I think I’m due for some good luck!



My Secret Vet Visit: Busted!

arriving at vet

arriving at vet

My Facebook friends caught me! I was sooooo busted! I had some tests done at the vet this week to assess liver function but I kept them a secret from you all. I have these tests done every 6 months and sometimes I tell you guys and sometimes I don’t. This time, Mommy told her friends on her personal Facebook page and her friends in a Facebook group for Labradoodle parents. I didn’t tell any of my friends, though, because we were a little nervous and I didn’t really want to talk about it. Mommy gets more worried than I do but that’s because she has RAD (Raegan Anxiety Disorder).

Even though I didn’t tell anyone that I was having the tests done, I still documented my vet adventure with photos. Mommy takes pictures of EVERYTHING and this was no exception. Oh, before I go on any further, I should probably tell you that there is NO reason to worry. The results of my test came back just as we wanted them to. Anyway, Mommy took a picture of me as I was about to get out of the car to walk into the vet’s office. That’s the photo you see at the beginning of this post.My Secret Vet Visit Busted 3

Once we were inside the vet’s office, I was excited to see everyone. Mommy tried to take another photo of me but I was already asking for belly rubs (and getting them) from my Millburn Veterinary Hospital friends. Mommy knew I’d be embarrassed if she took a picture of me on my back acting all silly.

leaving the vet

leaving the vet

Mommy left me at the vet and dealt with her RAD symptoms. Just kidding. She wasn’t THAT worried. She did some work while I had a blood test, ate some food, and then had another blood test (I think that’s what happened.). After that, she came to pick me up. I was SO happy to see her. We were told to call on Thursday to get the test results. You can see what Mommy thought about THAT idea in the photo above. :)

We took a picture just before we started the drive home (See left.) and that was pretty much the end of my adventure. The next part was waiting for the test results. That was Mommy’s job. I didn’t do any waiting. I just ate, posed for photos, played, watched hockey, went through my spring wardrobe, chewed on my toys, cuddled in my blankies, supervised everything, and things like that. Mommy was sick so I was also on 24/7 nurse duty.

sunshine on a cloudy day

sunshine on a cloudy day

Mommy called the vet on Wednesday and got the test results. We were SOOOOOOO overjoyed! You guys know how I feel about rain and snow (Ewwwww!!!!) but we went outside and took a walk in the rain. THAT’S how ecstatic we were! Mommy looked at the sky and saw that it was cloudy. She didn’t care because she felt sunshine! She took a photo, posted it to my vet’s Facebook page, and THAT’S when I got caught! I didn’t know that my Facebook friends were going to see the post. I should have known, though. :) You guys find me and love me up everywhere!

Anyway, that’s the story. That’s everything that happened. I had tests done but I’m completely fine. I feel great and I’m very happy! Now I have to get Mommy through her sinus infection. That’s what we do; we take care of each other. :)



My Roadtrip From Texas To Connecticut, By Shelby

My Roadtrip From Texas To Connecticut, By Shelby 1Hi! It’s been a while and I’m happy to be here! A lot of things have happened since I blogged last. In late May, I took my longest road trip ever.  I drove with my Mama and my Grandma from Texas back to Grandma’s home in Connecticut.  I had never been to Connecticut until I moved here, but I really like it so far.

The road trip was really fun!  I have been on vacation before, like when I went to Austin a few times, so I am really great in the car and I am a really good girl staying in hotels, too.

On the trip, MamaMy Roadtrip From Texas To Connecticut, By Shelby 2 made a really nice area for me in the back of her SUV.  Her seats fold down which gave me plenty of space.  Mama bought me new toys and chewies for the drive, too, and she didn’t even tell me about them until we left!  Little surprises made the trip really special.  She also put my water bowl within easy reach and it only took me a momentMy Roadtrip From Texas To Connecticut, By Shelby 3 to figure out that it was there for me whenever I wanted a sip.

We stayed in nice hotels along the way and saw beautiful scenery.  We also stopped for lots of walks for me and breaks from driving for my family.  On a few stops, we went to very cool locations, like Foam Henge,My Roadtrip From Texas To Connecticut, By Shelby 4 which was a life-size foam version of Stonehenge that we found in Virginia.

Overall, the trip took just about 30 hours of slow driving with a big, scary UHaul attached to the car.  I had a great time on the trip but it felt really nice to get to my new home, meet Uncle Dallas, and relax after the long ride.

Speaking of Uncle Dallas, he and I get along so very well, and in my next post, I’ll show you how nicely we play!




Super Bowl of WHAT!?

Super Bowl of WHAT!? 1You guys!! I can’t believe this. Mommy talked a bit today about the Super Bowl. I tried not to get overly excited because I didn’t want to be a pest but in my heart, I was jumping for joy and doing backflips with anticipation. I was REALLLLLY looking forward to 6:30PM tonight.

Well, now I’m NOT looking forward to 6:30PM. In fact, I don’t even want 6:30PM to happen at all because I feel tricked. Mommy never exactly said what was going to fill the Super Bowl but I just assumed it would be a super bowl of shrimp and that tonight we’d have a big shrimp-fest. Isn’t that what you wouldSuper Bowl of WHAT!? 2 think, too?

The TV is on now. I’m not even facing it. I have my back turned to it and I’m playing with a toy. Maybe if I put on enough of a sad, pathetic face, Mommy will feel guilty for not explaining the Super Bowl better to me. She really should have explained that there wouldn’t be a bowl of shrimp or a bowl of ANYTHING for that matter.

She told me all about the Stanley Cup and what it means. It’s not a cup of shrimp or a cup of water. It’s the greatest sports series and sports trophy of the year. It’s hockey and I love hockey very much so I’m fine that the Stanley Cup isn’t a cup of shrimp. We don’t watch football, though, so why would I be excited about a Super Bowl of players I don’t even know? Mommy mishandled this one terribly and I’m not happy.



The Shrimp Apology

The Shrimp Apology 1Some of you might not know but Mommy had a busy day on Saturday. She drove to NYC, picked up a friend, continued to Long Island, saw a hockey game, drove BACK to NYC, went to dinner, took in a Broadway show (Kinky Boots), and FINALLY came home. What about me, you ask? I was left AT HOME during all that fun! AT HOME!! Can you believe it?!

Another thing some of you might not know is that I looooove shrimp. It’s been my favorite food since I was just a puppy. Some people ask how Mommy and I discovered that shrimp is my favorite food ever but that’s a story for a different time. Let’s just say that shrimp is the best food on the planet. I know whenever it comes into the house. Even though it’s in an airtight container in a grocery bag, I know. It’s the only food that makes me whine and do a funny little dance. I just can’t control myself around shrimp!

Anyway, Mommy felt terrible for leaving me home on Saturday. She really doesn’t like long days away from me and she says it’s easier to be with me than without me (Duh.). When she got home on Saturday, she was sick so I’ve been her nurse ever since. Since Mommy felt guilty about Saturday and since I’ve been taking such good care of her, she knew she owed me an apology. Someone on my Facebook page suggested that she apologize with shrimp. We thought that was a great idea!

The Shrimp Apology 2I knew shrimp was in the house and last night Mommy gave me a choice. She told me I could have a few pieces last night or she could feed me a shrimp breakfast in bed today. I opted for a shrimp breakfast in bed. I couldn’t think of a better way to start this Tuesday! Any day that starts with shrimp HAS to be good!

I hope you enjoy these photos of my splendid breakfast! It was absolutely decadent! Mommy has officially been forgiven!



Winter Hair

Winter HairNew Jersey has winter. Winter has heat inside. Heat inside causes static. Static causes hair issues. I’m having a horrible time with my hair and it’s going to force me into making a decision which I don’t want to have to make.

I HAVE to do something about my hair. Look at it!! It’s a total mess! It’s horrifying. I can barely look at myself in the three-way mirror. Normally, I would just go to the spa, haveWinter Hair1 a bath, get pampered with a nice blueberry facial, enjoy a warm blowout, and be done with it. All would be well.

However, it’s not as easy as that. There’s snow outside. Snow also messes with my hair. I don’t like the snow so it doesn’t really get in my hair but sometimes it gets on my paws and the lower parts of my legs. Then the hair there gets extra curly. If I go to the spa now, my curls would be uneven after a few trips outside into the white stuff and I don’t want that to happen.

If I don’t go to the spa now, though, things could get really ugly. How much more of this can I take? How much more of this could ANY woman Winter Hair2take? If I don’t get this sorted out now, it might get worse and then I’d be even MORE upset. I don’t want this to get more out of control than it already is.

Winter is pretty uncontrollable (like my hair right now). We don’t know when it’s going to snow again and I don’t know when it’s going to warm up again to let the current snow melt. I live in a world of unknowns that apparently aren’t too concerned about my hair.

I need help!! What should I do?



The Fluffing Truth by Molly Belle

The Fluffing Truth by Molly BelleMany of you have seen the picture of me with a fluffed kitchen on Raegan’s Facebook page.  Well, it’s my turn to tell my side of the story of how My New Comfy Bed became unstuffed.  Here goes…

My Mom (Barbara) was going out and I was happy to be staying home.  Mom took me for my walk, gave me my treat, and closed the gate that would confine me to the kitchen.  I had plenty of chew toys, a ball, My New Comfy Bed, and a couple of treats with me.  I had a job to do – protect the house – while she was gone but knew that I could also take a nice nap.  I opted for the nap.

All of a sudden, I was awakened by a loud and terrifying noise.  It was a humming sound coming from the vent.  No, it was actually more like a growl but I couldn’t see the monster that was making the sound.  I had to do something but I didn’t want to panic.  The growl became louder and louder and my toys began to fly around. A wishbone to my left!  A ball to my right!  My New Comfy Bed started swirling around me.  I had to protect My New Comfy Bed but the monster was persistent in pulling it from me.  I knew my Mom would be mad if I let the monster get away with My New Comfy Bed so I started pulling harder and harder.  The monster pulled so hard and I had to struggle, whipping my head from side to side.  I must say we made quite a racket.  I growled and yelped and kept pulling and pulling and then thank goodness I heard the front door open.  That would be my Mom who would scare the monster away!  I was so happy and proud of the job I had done.  I did manage to hold off the monster from stealing The Fluffing Truth by Molly Belle 1My New Comfy Bed but I’m sorry to say that there was a little damage done to my bed.  The monster had succeeded in removing the stuffing from the bottom cushion, but I’m happy that I still have the rest of My New Comfy Bed.  I am NOT the devil-dog…just a little pooch doing a job!

And that, everyone, is my story of what happened when the kitchen got fluffed!

By the way, I have some VERY exciting news! I’m going to be starting my own blog soon! I’m sure Raegan will tell you all about it so you can follow along with all of my fabulous adventures and hear about life from my perspective.

Puppy Love – Molly Belle


I’m 2!!!! by Molly Belle

I'm 2!!!! by Molly Belle 1I’m 2!! Today is my birthday and I couldn’t be happier! There is snow outside and, aside from the salt on the road, I looooove being outside! My niece Raegan doesn’t like snow but I think it’s great fun! I haven’t really had a chance to run around freely in it but I sure love bouncing around in it on my leash. I don’t even need a jacket or coat when I go outside. I’m a tough girl; I can handle winter!

My Mom and Dad wished me a happy birthday. My sister Lauren wished me a happy birthday. Raegan wished me a happy birthday. Raegan was really, really nice. She posted a photo of me on Instagram and Facebook and lots of her friends wished me a happy birthday. Even my health insurance company wished me a happy birthday. I feel really, really special!

I wonder if things are going to be different now that I’m 2. I’m 14 in human years so that means I can officially watch PG-13 movies. My Mom lets me watch Lassie a lot but I’m kind of sick of it. I’d really like to watch the romantic comedy, Must Love Dogs. That’s PG-13 so I haven’t been allowed to watch it yet. I think I’m going to ask my parents if I can see it now. I also wonder if I’m going to get to stay up later. Raegan’s bedtime is SUPER late but my bedtime is always between 10pm and 11pm. I’d like to stay up until midnight on some nights. I think that would be REALLY cool! That leaves more time for late-night partying and I’m definitely a party girl!I'm 2!!!! by Molly Belle 2

Even though I like to party, I don’t like dressing up for those parties. Raegan let me borrow her largest bow for my birthday but I really didn’t like it. To make her happy, I posed with it, though. I think I look rather silly. I don’t need bows. I’m not a fashionista. I’m Molly Belle and being naked is fine with me.

Today is also my Mom’s birthday! My Mom and Dad are out to dinner right now. They left me at home so I’m kind of ticked off but I know that they have a present for me so I’m excited for them to come home. I bet my sister and Raegan will take pictures of Mom, Dad and me. Lauren takes a lot of photos.

Well, that’s all that I have to say about my day. I have to go curl up and rest now. There’s going to be some major partying later and I want to be ready for it!

Puppy Love – Molly Belle


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