My Photo Challenge for Mommy

dark & sad?

dark & sad?

A few days ago, I gave Mommy a challenge. Since we take a LOT of pictures, we use Instagram a lot. Our Instagram photos are taken with Mommy’s iPhone. Since we use her iPhone so much, she has been using her Canon 7D a lot less often than she should be using it and a lot less often than she wants to be using it.

When I really thought about this, I decided that I was going to challenge Mommy to post 1 photo of me on Instagram per day for the next 30 days using her DSLR. You can see more information about the challenge here.

dark and crooked mouth?

dark and crooked mouth?

When I challenged Mommy, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I kind of thought that I would just be encouraging her to use her 7D more. I didn’t realize that she TOTALLY forgot all of its function and settings! I don’t know if she realized that either. As such, I’ve been doing quite a lot of modeling.

Let’s take tonight, for example. Mommy and I went outside so she could take a photo for day 4 of 30. Can you guess how many photos she took before she got one that she wanted to post to Instagram? 6? 17? 29? 41? 52? 61? 70? Yes. She took 70 photos.

dark and...GREEN?

dark and…GREEN?

I figured I’d let this post serve as a bit of a “behind the scenes” glimpse into what really goes into each photo that Mommy posts as part of this challenge. The photos in this post are the “OMIGOD MOMMY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” photos. The somewhat decent photos are the ones that I post to Instagram. The ones that are part of the photo challenge are labeled as such.

If you’d like to join us on this photo challenge, feel free. My username on Instagram is @raeganhuston and you can find my account by clicking this link.



Life with an Instagram Addicted Brother, by Max

Hi everybody, my name is Max. You probably don’t know me, and that’s because this is my very first time writing a blog…actually, it’s my first time on a computer! If I have any typos, I’m sorry…my paws are slowly adjusting to these tiny keys.

You probably know my little brother, Koa. He borrows Mommy and Daddy’s phone to use this thing called Instagram, where he has apparently made thousands of new friends across the world in a few months. I have no idea how that’s possible. I can’t even make a friend at the dog park.

Anyway, Mommy and Daddy adopted me from the cold, terrible shelter last October. They decided my new birthday would be that day, October 25th.

So basically… I’ve been on this Earth for almost seven years now. Back when I was born, I didn’t have anything called Instagram or Facebook to keep track of cool pictures and videos of myself as I grew up. But nowadays, that’s what all these kids are doing!  I always see my little brother taking selfies, or Mommy taking boring videos of him playing with a toy. Who would want to see that?! Well, apparently a lot of people…

Koa always bothers me to take pictures with him. I don’t really know why…I mean, I live with him and he sees me every second of the day (if I leave the room for just a second, he starts barking…ugh, little brothers are such a pain), so why does he need so many photos!?

I’m an easygoing dog. I don’t even like toys. Mommy bought me one toy for Easter. She thought maybe I would play with it one day, so she bought it for me just in case. It was a blue rubber bunny, shaped like those candy Peeps you see all over Target (I’ve never been in Target, but Mommy says they are literally everywhere during Easter time).  I really did like my toy, but I didn’t show it by playing with it…I showed it by hiding it and always keeping it in my bed, because that’s the one place my little brother is NOT allowed to go!  Then one day that little guy stole my blue toy and kept it as his own… I didn’t mind it, but a couple months later, he ended up chewing on it too much and breaking it, so Mommy threw it away. Darn little brothers.

My point is, I don’t get why everyone needs to take pictures of everything and then post them! I mean, I live a great life without this Instagram thing. I was in a shelter for so long, stuck in a cage all day surrounded by noisy dogs. Now, I’m in my wonderful air-conditioned forever home, and I spend my days relaxing in bed and enjoying long walks outside. Now THAT’S living the life!

Your friend, Max


Introducing Guest Blogger, Max!

Max on left

You guys! This is so cool! Do you all remember Koa? He and I met on Instagram. I’m like a big sister (not a bossy one) to him and he’s like a baby brother (not an annoying one) to me. I think he’s soooo cute! I mentioned him in a blog post or two and organized a Run for Koa (an international virtual run set for the date of Koa’s own first post-leg-amputation run).

Well, Koa has an older brother named Max! Max isn’t really into Instagram and I was curious about what he thought about Koa’s Instagram activity. I talk to Koa just about every day so either earlier today or yesterday I asked Koa if Max would like to do a guest blog post about his thoughts. He said yes! I was really excited!

Max on right

He wrote VERY quickly and did such an awesome job! I’m going to publish the post tomorrow but first I wanted to introduce Max to you so you know who he is when you see his article. As always, I hope you’ll welcome my new guest blogger with open arms and lots of enthusiasm!

I’ve already read Max’s post and I GUARANTEE that you’re going to love it as much as I do! Max said that he’s never blogged before but I’m not so sure that I believe him because he’s a fantastic writer!

Welcome to my blog, Max! I’m looking forward to publishing your post!



My Dental Care

My Dental Care 1In November, Mommy made an appointment for me to get my teeth cleaned. Even though she brushed my teeth regularly, she knew that it wasn’t enough because my teeth were still dirty. When she made the appointment with the dentist, she knew I would need extractions. She was nervous about the anesthesia and possible infections but she really wasn’t worried about me losing teeth.

We both know dogs who have had ALL their teeth removed, despite every effort to keep them healthy. They’ve gone on to eat hard foods normally and their lives didn’t change at all. When the dentist called Mommy to tell her that I was out of the procedure, all she kept asking was, “Did she do OK with the anesthesia?” “Is she coming out of the anesthesia?” “What is she doing now? Has she opened her eyes?My Dental Care 2 Has she lifted her head?” “How were her vitals while she was under anesthesia?” On that day, I had 14 extractions.

I bet you’re thinking that I lost a LOT of teeth. I still have two thirds of my teeth so, seriously, it’s not a big deal. In fact, not having those teeth makes things SO much easier for us! My teeth were really cramped in my mouth and now they have more room. They’re also easier for Mommy to brush. As an extra bonus, my dentist asked Mommy on a date!

Some of you guys know that I’m looking for a Daddy and even sometimes embarrass Mommy about it. I’ve never had a Daddy before and I really want one. I gave the dentist 14 teeth and he gave Mommy dinner and wine. I was really happy with that arrangement. Not only did Mommy get to see if he was a potential Daddy but she also spent an evening with someone who really wanted to talk My Dental Care 3about my teeth and gums! Mommy knows that she’ll never again go out to dinner with someone who has ANY interest in talking about my teeth.

Anyway, back to my dental care…

When Mommy picked me up from my dental appointment, I was a little out of it. I was NOT in pain. I was a little confused but it wasn’t because I was hurting. The anesthesia just kept me kind of tired for about 18 hours. Mommy gave me painkillers as prescribed and we cuddled sooooo much which, of course, was a natural painkiller.

The dentist taught Mommy a lot:

  • My teeth need to be cleaned every day. Once a week isn’t enough. Imagine taking food and smearing a small layer of it on a countertop. Do that every day for 7 days and THEN wipe the food off. It’ll be tough to clean, right? Well, if you wipe the layer of food off every day, it’s pretty easy! We now pay greater attention to dental care and tend toMy Dental Care 4 my teeth every day.
  • The most important part of teeth cleaning is the friction against the tooth. It isn’t necessarily the type of toothpaste that you use (NO HUMAN TOOTHPASTE, THOUGH!!) or the type of toothbrush. In fact, my dentist recommended that Mommy wrap a piece of gauze around her finger, put some dog toothpaste on it and rub each tooth with the gauze. Mommy asked why he suggested that and he said that if you use your finger, you’ll definitely be able to make sure that you clean each and every tooth.
  • You can make your own toothpaste out of a paste of baking soda and water. We haven’t done this but it’s something that we’ll probably try at some point. Again, the most important thing is the rubbing motion against the teeth and gums.

My Dental Care 5Since I’m writing this post by request, I want to be as thorough as possible with how I take care of my teeth now. Essentially, I have two sets of dental products. One set is made by Arm & Hammer. I have their toothpaste, their dental gel, some of their toothbrushes (both a regular toothbrush and a finger brush), and their spray.

The other set is made by PetzLife. I use their oral care gel and their oral care spray. When I use the PetzLife products, I just use gauze, an Arm & Hammer toothbrush, or one of my Princess toothbrushes. I don’t have the PetzLife toothbrush but we might try it when I need to get a new one.

Here is our process for using the Arm & Hammer products:

  • Rub (usually with Mommy’s finger) the gel onto my teeth and gums. Wait a few minutes.
  • Brush my teeth with the toothpaste. Mommy usually puts a little bit of toothpaste on the toothbrush at a time. IfMy Dental Care 6 she uses too much, it makes a mess. Mommy knows the areas in my mouth that tend to get dirty so we pay special attention to those areas. If Mommy really feels like she’s missed an area or if she isn’t sure if she reached a certain tooth, she’ll wrap some gauze around her finger, put some toothpaste on it, and clean that tooth with gauze. If this is your first time with teeth cleaning, use the gauze. Rub each tooth and take notice of any light brown stuff that wipes off. Yuck, right?
  • Brush my tongue. This is easy because I constantly lick my toothbrush or gauze!
  • Make sure that there isn’t anything stuck in my teeth. If there is, Mommy flosses those teeth.
  • Finish off with the spray. Mommy makes sure to spray the upper and lower gums and teeth.
  • Withhold food and water for about an hour.

Here is our process for using the PetzLife products:

  • My Dental Care 7Mommy usually applies the gel to her finger and rubs it over my teeth and gums.
  • Then she puts the gel onto a toothbrush or gauze and rubs each tooth individually, paying special attention to teeth that look like they might have some build-up.
  • Brush my tongue. This happens naturally because I like the gauze, toothbrush, or Mommy’s finger a lot.
  • Make sure that there isn’t anything stuck in my teeth and floss as necessary.
  • Finish off with the spray. Spray directly onto the gums and teeth.
  • Withhold food and water for about an hour.

It probably isn’t necessary to use two types of products on my teeth. We usually use one for a few weeks and then switch. We want to give the active ingredients a real chance to work beforeMy Dental Care 8 switching but, at the same time, we don’t want to create any buildup from either of the brands. As Mommy says, it’s like how she cleans and conditions her hair. She switches her shampoo and conditioner every few days to make sure that she isn’t building up any product residue from a particular brand. Now that I think about it, she alternates between Colgate and Crest for her teeth!

This last part has NOT necessarily been vet approved but it works for me. Mommy has two dental scrapers. She does NOT use them as scrapers exactly but if her nails are weak and she needs to pick a bit of plaque off, she will VERY GENTLY use a scraper to remove it. We use this with EXTREME CAUTION as we would never want to scrape off any of my enamel. That said, they get into certain areas that are too small for Mommy’s nails. We use them very gingerly, almost like how a human My Dental Care 9would use a toothpick (not that Mommy has ever used a toothpick…haha…Can you imagine Mommy walking around with a toothpick in her mouth? LOL!!). 

I’m trying to think about any more information that I can share but I think what I’ve written just about covers it. Oh, I will write one more thing. There are a lot of dog toothbrushes for sale online and at stores. To be honest, my favorite toothbrush has always been a human child’s pink Princess toothbrush. They’re smaller than dog toothbrushes and Mommy and I actually think that they cover the surface of my teeth better.

This might seem like a lot of work but once you get into a routine, it really doesn’t take long. After my dental work, it first took us about 15 minutes every night.My Dental Care 10 We just weren’t in sync and everything seemed to take us forever. Now Mommy can clean my teeth in 5 minutes. She cleans them when she brushes her teeth before bed. My dental supplies are where her dental supplies are so we get ready for bed together. Keeping my things with hers helps us remember that my teeth need attention, too. I think that if Mommy kept my items somewhere else, she might get a bit forgetful. It’s pretty tough for her to forget, though, when she opens the cabinet and sees more of MY dental products than dental products of her own!

Good luck, everyone! Happy teeth cleaning! Cheers to healthy dental hygiene!



My First Starbucks Puppuccino

My First Starbucks Puppuccino1I said I’d write this blog post a few weeks ago but I’ve been really busy (mostly with babysitting my cockapoo Aunt Molly Belle). I’m finally getting to writing now, though. It’s better late than never, right?

This post is about my very first Starbucks puppuccino. One of my Instagram friends inspired me to come up with a Dog Days of Summer Bucket List. Her list included getting her first Starbucks puppuccino. I loved the idea of a summer bucket list so I made one for myself and getting a puppuccino was one of the items on the list.

Mommy andMy First Starbucks Puppuccino2 I had to find a Starbucks that had a drive-thru because Mommy definitely couldn’t leave me in the car to get me my drink/snack. The drive-thru was about 10-15 minutes away so that’s where we went. Mommy got a skinny vanilla latte and she asked for a puppuccino for me. The barista at the drive-thru didn’t know what Mommy was talking about so she just asked for a cup of whipped cream, which is what a puppuccino is.

We paid, got our drinks, and pulled into a parking spot. That’s when the fun began! Mommy & I got out of the car. Her coffee was hot so that stayed inside the car. My puppuccino was ready to be enjoyed, though! Mommy opened the lid and let me My First Starbucks Puppuccino4have some little licks to see if I liked it. OF COURSE I LIKED IT! It was delicious!

Over the next few minutes, I thoroughly worked on my puppuccino. I was pretty neat about it but Mommy still used wipes on me after I was done. She put the wipes in the puppuccino cup, put the lid back on, and threw everything away. It was a REALLY fun (and clean!) outing!

I hope I get another puppuccino this summer and, from the way Mommy talks about it, I think I will! If you’ve never had a Puppuccino before (and if your belly can tolerate whipped cream), you should totally try one! They’re fabulous!



My First Week with Benji Button, by Mello Bear

First day together sharing cuddles with mummy!

First day together sharing cuddles with mummy!

Hello Everypawdy,

I have an exciting story to share with you. Last week my mum & dad got up super early, earlier than they’ve ever gotten up before, it was still dark outside. Mum got into the shower and then put on her outdoor clothes, so did dad. I was very confused, I mean, my humans love sleep, so do I! We hadn’t been in bed long enough! Then they got the car keys and left, and they left me home alone!! I didn’t know what was going on, I was confused and still sleepy so I went back to bed.

Watching Benji Button play in my bed for the first time with MY toys!

Watching Benji Button play in my bed for the first time with MY toys!

A few hours later I heard the garage door going up, the humans were home! I was still confused but very excited they were back, I don’t like hanging out on my own. It gets very lonely! First mum came inside without dad and she smelt funny! She picked me up and gave me cuddles and kisses but I was more interested in smelling her, I’m not silly, I KNEW she’d been cuddling another puppy! Next came the exciting part! Mum carried me outside and there was dad! In his arms was a fluffy little puppy and mummy said to me, “Mello Bear, here is your new present, his name is Benji Button!”

I protect Benji Button while we sleep together! This is mummy's favourite picture of us.

I protect Benji Button while we sleep together! This is mummy’s favourite picture of us.

OMG! I couldn’t believe it, now I have my very own brother! He is smaller than I am but very bossy, I don’t mind, sometimes I need someone to encourage me to explore and get into mischief! Benji Button is a cavoodle and we have the same dad (furry dad).

On the first day home Benji Button decided to steal all my things! My bed, my toys and even cuddles from mum & dad! I don’t mean to brag…but I’m a nice girl, I don’t mind sharing! I decided right from day one to teach him all the things I know!

Benji Button has been teaching me how to garden. We have figured out how much fun it is to dig the lawn up and bring all sorts of twigs and branches into the house!

Benji Button has been teaching me how to garden. We have figured out how much fun it is to dig the lawn up and bring all sorts of twigs and branches into the house!

I love my little brother! He is teaching me how to be bad and I’m teaching him how to be good. We are yin and yang and we are perfect together. Thanks for allowing me to share my story with you!

Lots of Love, Mello Bear xoxo


Introducing Guest Blogger, Carmello Bear!

Introducing Guest Blogger, Carmello Bear!1When I wrote earlier, I told you that I was going to be posting TWO times today! That hasn’t happened in a long time. So…here’s my second post! I have an announcement to make. Someone new is going to be guest blogging here and I’d like you all to meet her!



Mello Bear and I met on Instagram right before she had her very first hug from herIntroducing Guest Blogger, Carmello Bear!2 new Mummy. I’ve been watching her grow up and it’s been really cool because…well…who DOESN’T love to watch puppies grow? Mello is a Spoodle. In the US, we call that a Cockapoo (Personally, I like the word “Spoodle” better but, either way, they’re cute and Mello is so, so, so, SO pretty!).

Mello lives in Australia and I think that’s really neat because that’s where I was born. I always like making new friends who are from Australia and I seem to have a lot of them on Instagram. I guess that’s sad because I know that Mello and I will never have a real play-date with each other Introducing Guest Blogger, Carmello Bear!3but we get to “see” each other almost every day on Instagram. That’s tons of fun!

I asked Mello if she wanted to guest blog and I was so happy when she said yes! She has a very fun story to tell so I’m going to publish her post tomorrow. I KNOW that all of my readers are going to love it!

Since my audience is SOOOOOO nice, I know that you’ll all give Mello Bear a warm welcome tomorrow! I also encourage you to follow her on Instagram so you can see all of her fun adventures and photos!



Summer Heat PSA

Summer Heat PSA1Today I’m going to be blogging TWICE!! This blog post is going to be able an adventure (or a NON-adventure) that I had today. The blog post I’m going to write a little bit later will be about my friend Mello! I met her on Instagram and she’s a Spoodle. She wrote a WONDERFUL guest post so I’m going to introduce her later and publish her awesome post tomorrow! I hope you’ll all welcome her very warmly!

Today’s post is about an outing that Mommy and I wanted to take today. As many of you know, I made a Dog Days of Summer Bucket List. You can see my bucket list items in the photo to the left. Mommy and I decided that we were going to cross off one of the items today. We decided that we would go to the Starbucks drive-thru together and I’d order my first Starbucks Puppuccino. Then we were going to headSummer Heat PSA2 to Petco and get me more food because I was running very low.

We walked outside and it was HOT! Mommy and I got into the car and the AC was already on. It was STILL hot! I was on a blanket so the hot leather wasn’t hurting me or anything but even the blanket was quite warm. Before Mommy even put the car into drive, I was panting. She looked at the AC and she looked at me. She looked at the AC again and she looked at me again. She started driving and we got exactly 3 houses away.

Mommy turned around, we got out of the car, and Mommy brought me back inside. Within just a few minutes of being inside, I stopped panting. Mommy went to Petco by herself and I stayed in the cool house.

We hear ALL THE TIME that it is so dangerous to leave animals in Summer Heat PSA3hot cars. Heat is very serious and it can kill animals (and people). Mommy hadn’t left me in the car or anything but even with her next to me and the AC on, it was STILL way too hot for me. Mommy said there was NO WAY for her to know when the car was going to cool off enough (or IF it would cool off enough for me). Mommy said that it’s absolutely awful for people to leave their animals alone in cars but being in the car with me was just as bad. I didn’t belong in the car at all.

I really wanted to go to Starbucks and going to Petco would have been fun but I was much happier inside today. There will be many other days when Mommy and I can cross the Puppuccino off my bucket list. Today just wasn’t the day for us.

To anyone who is reading this blog: Summer Heat PSA4DO NOT LEAVE ANY PERSON OR ANY LIVING CREATURE IN A CAR ALONE. In addition, before you set out to drive, ALWAYS consider the conditions of the car, even if you are going to be in it with your pet. What might be OK for you might be lethal for your furry friend. Being left in a car alone is wrong but sitting next to your pet in unbearable conditions isn’t the way to go either.

When Mommy got home, I helped her pour my food into air-tight containers. Then, we went outside and spent a few minutes in the shade. After THAT, I came inside and sat right in front of the freezer! That was all a LOT more comfortable than being in a hot car! The Puppuccino can wait!



Grandma’s Garage Guilt

Grandma's Garage Guilt1I haven’t been feeling too great lately. I’ve actually been pretty pathetic. I’m on the right track to feeling better but, let me tell you, my life isn’t really perfect…ESPECIALLY when I got locked in the garage last week by my GRANDMA!!!! I was shocked; I could hardly believe she did that to me!

OK…maybe she did it accidentally. OK…maybe she didn’t even realize she did it at all. But she still did it and I was still locked in the garage! I was trying to be so nice to Grandma but it backfired on me. She went into the garage to get something. The garage is attached to the house and the door to the garage is in the foyer. Grandma opened the door and walked down the step into the garage. I didn’t want her to be lonely, even for a second, so I followed her into the garage. Do you think she cared that I was keeping her company?? Nooooooo. Not at all! I was like the Invisible Labradoodle. She didn’t even know I was there.

At the same time that I was trying to be a good helper, Mommy was upstairs doing work in my room. The window was open and she was paying very close attention to a project. In the back of her mind, she kind of heard a whining noise. After a few minutes, she wondered if there was a cat outside. The whine got louder and Mommy got up to look out the window. She didn’t see any animals so she went back to work.

After another minute or so, it hit her and the panic struck. She jumped upGrandma's Garage Guilt2 and started screaming my name. She looked under her bed and I wasn’t there. She opened the doors to all of the rooms in the upstairs and I didn’t come out of any of them. She ran downstairs and saw that the door to the basement was open. She screamed my name downstairs and she heard Grandma yell, “I’m on the phone!” Usually as soon as Mommy says my name, I’m right by her side so she continued running around (kind of like a crazy person). She opened the bathroom door, the coat closet, and then…the garage door. There I was, whining…with two paws on the garage floor and two paws on the step. I was wearing my Cone of Fame! Mommy was so apologetic and felt soooo sorry that I was locked out there. She felt terrible that I was alone and in the dark. She was also concerned that I got into something that I shouldn’t have (I didn’t.). THAT would have been terrible.

Mommy was mad. I mean, she was really mad. I actually saw smoke come out of her head. She couldn’t even talk to Grandma about it because she was so upset. I know that it wasn’t on purpose but I seem to get locked in rooms with some frequency. Mommy always tells everyone, “ASSUME that Raegan is with you at all times!” but sometimes people forget. People say that I’m sneaky and quiet. Mommy says that they need to be responsible grown-ups. I think I’m a mature grown-up but I guess sometimes I can be super quiet when I follow people around.

Over the next day, Mommy calmed down but the next time she saw Grandma, she said, “Be extra nice to Raegan!” Grandma's Garage Guilt3Grandma started telling me how pretty I looked even though my eye was still infected. Mommy told her that she wasn’t supposed to be nice to me because of just THAT. She was referring to extra niceness for the garage incident! Grandma apologized profusely.

Over the following few days, nothing really happened. Things were just as they usually are. Oh wait, there was something out of the ordinary. One of my Instagram friends said that I needed to get Grandma back for what she did. I didn’t want to be mean but I did want to teach her a lesson. Soooo…I thought about what Grandma uses every morning (a pan, peppers, eggs, sugar, a fork, a knife, and milk). I took all of those things and…hehe…I locked them outside in the garage fridge. Hahaha!!!! I got her gooooood because she was confused the next morning!

Then…on Saturday night, I looked in the kitchen fridge and I saw something that I LOVE!! I’m sure you can guess what it was. I saw SHRIMP!!!! Grandma said that she bought it out of Garage Guilt! Woohoo!! I was getting a shrimp feast!

On Sunday afternoon, the shrimp platter came out of the fridge. Mommy said that she was going to take a few pieces for me. Grandma said she could take two. TWO?! TWO?!?! That was it?! I almost always get three and I sometimes get four! What was this nonsense about only two pieces of shrimp? Ohhhh, Grandma said that she realllllly got it for a family dinner. Grandma's Garage Guilt4Well, that was tricky. My Garage Guilt Gift wasn’t even really for me! It was for everyone else! Mommy put two pieces of shrimp into a baggie for me and I ate it after the family dinner.

SECRET: While the family was eating the shrimp platter, Mommy pretended to eat a piece of shrimp. When nobody was looking, she put her hand down and gave it to me so I got my regular three pieces of shrimp. Don’t tell anyone about that, though, OK? Mommy isn’t in the habit of feeding me when people are eating but this was an exception. She was making sure I got my THREE pieces! So there!

Grandma and I have made up. All is well. A precedent has be set, though, and I’m going to make sure that Grandma knows it. The penalty for closing me in a room is…SHRIMP!!



The Past Few Weeks

The Past Few Weeks1Oh my goodness, you guys! I’ve had the craziest month and a half or so! Things have been totally nutty. Even though I love my vet, I’ve had enough trips to his office lately to last me a few YEARS!!!! A lot of people have asked me what’s going on so I’m going to try to wrap this up in a nutshell. I could probably write forever, though.

The beginning of the middle of May: Mommy noticed that I was losing hair on my tail and tush. She brought me to one of my vet’s associates and I got a special shampoo to see if it helped my skin. As soon as we got home, Mommy gave me a bath. Well, THAT was interesting. You guys know how I like my spa days and I’ll just say this…Mommy would get FIRED from a spa job. She didn’t even give me my blueberry facial that I get at my regular spa! She did do just as the vet said, though, so that was good.

The end of the beginning of June: Mommy called my regular vet and said that, in her gut, she thought that myThe Past Few Weeks2 hair issue and some other symptoms were more than a skin issue. My vet agreed and I had an appointment to check for Cushing’s disease and for hypothyroidism. Mommy has hypothyroidism and we’re basically the same so I figured I’d have that diagnosis. Well, as it turned out, I was diagnosed with BOTH Cushing’s disease AND hypothyroidism. Sheesh! Mommy was pretty upset but it’s totally cool now.

A few days after my Cushing’s diagnosis: I went to the vet AGAIN to get an ultrasound and urinalysis/culture. The ultrasound showed that my Cushing’s is pituitary-dependent (This is a GOOD thing!!). Yippee! Mommy and my vet decided that unless my symptoms get worse, I’m not going to take medication. Right now, my symptoms are The Past Few Weeks3panting, a little extra thirst, having to use the ladies room a little more often, and some hair loss. I’m not uncomfortable at all so we’re just going to monitor everything VERY closely (as if Mommy doesn’t watch me like a hawk already)! Mommy wanted a photo of me while I was “in the hospital” for a few hours so Dr. Glauberg sent her a picture of him and me. Mommy received it and got teary-eyed. In Target. Right around the corner from my vet’s office. She LOVED the photo but, geez, Mommy!!!! I hope nobody we know saw you! How embarrassing.

A few days after my ultrasound and urinalysis/culture:  My vet called saying that I had a bladder infection. Awesome. Mommy took a drive to his office and picked up some antibiotics for me. I take the medication at night and I LOVE it!! It’s so tasty and yummy!The Past Few Weeks4

Spa day last Friday: Oh boy…I forget what I did that was so fabulous but Mommy surprised me with a bubble bath at the spa. I was so excited! Mommy grabbed my shampoo that I got from the vet and drove me to the spa. Right before we walked in, Mommy noticed that I had some guck right around my eye. She didn’t want my groomer to think that Mommy didn’t take care of me so she quickly wiped the guck from my eyes. Mommy briefly thought that I had some redness right below my right eye but then she took another look at it and thought it was fine. I spent about 2 hours getting my beauty treatments and then my groomer called Mommy to tell her to come pick me up. When Mommy arrived, my groomer told Mommy that my right eye was very red. The Past Few Weeks5Mommy looked at it and didn’t notice anything. As soon as we were in the car, in sunlight, she noticed that there was definitely something wrong with my eye because I could only keep it about halfway open. When we got home, Mommy told me that I had to rest my eye and we took a nap together. Well, our nap lasted THREE AND A HALF HOURS! Hehe, we really like naps! When we woke up, Mommy freaked out. My eye was NOT looking good at all.

Girls’ trip to the ER: We went straight to the emergency vet. Grandma came with us! Woohoo! Mommy was nervous and Grandma DEFINITELY didn’t think it was a party but I hadn’t been out past 10PM in a LONG time so it was really cool! The emergency vet did a cornea stain on both of my eyes and it turned out that I had a chemical abrasion on my right eye. Mommy likes investigating and putting pieces of life puzzles together but she just can’t figureThe Past Few Weeks6 out this one. She put it through her mind several times and some of the puzzle pieces are missing. She doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to solve this. I got antibiotic eye drops and…the cone. I’ve never worn a cone before and there was NO WAY I was going to wear what people typically call The Cone of Shame. NO WAY. Mommy decorated mine so I wore The Cone of FAME. A bunch of people saw it and said that Mommy should sell them and she said exactly what she said when we went to the emergency vet: “I need that like I need a hole in my head.” I have NO IDEA why Mommy would need a hole in her head. Wouldn’t that make blowdrying her hair difficult???? How would her colorist make sure everything was even? OOPS…I mean, Mommy doesn’t do anything to the color of her hair. That’s a hypothetical question, of course.

The weekend: Rest, rest, rest, naps, naps, naps, eyedrops, eyedrops, The Past Few Weeks7eyedrops. That was what the weekend was like. Mommy took care of me ALL weekend and we spent a LOT of quality time together making sure that my eye was healing. It oozed a lot so she gently cleaned it a few times per day…VERY gently…and just as the vet suggested.

Today, Thursday: I went to Dr. Glauberg’s office and he said that my eye is ALL HEALED!!!! Yippee skippee!! I don’t need my Cone of Fame anymore (Mommy had actually taken it off last night.) and I don’t need any more eyedrops! Yesssssss! My right eye still squints when I’m in the sunlight but the vet said that both of my eyes will probably be fully open outside in the next 48 hours or so. Now that I’m no longer wearing the Cone of Fame, I can go back to wearingThe Past Few Weeks8 my pretty dresses (or whatever I want!) and bows.

The week of July 7: I have to go BACK to the vet AGAIN to do a recheck to make sure my bladder infection is all gone. Fun times.

TBD: I’m not sure how we’re going to track my Cushing’s. I don’t know if I’ll get regular tests or if I’ll just have tests according to symptoms.

September: Routine liver enzyme test (I think that’s what it’s called.)

November: Vaccines (YUCK!!!! Mommy and I don’t like these at all!)

Mommy took a photo of me in front of the vet’s office today. Afterwards, The Past Few Weeks9she took a look at it and said that it’s more than just a photo of me. It’s a photo of me AND HER WALLET (in her purse) in front of my vet’s office. That sounds about right but I’m worth it! Hehe.

Anyway, that’s my story! I’m really glad that everyone has been so kind to me. Mommy is taking such good care of me (as she always does). My friends keep asking how I’m doing. My Aunts have been very sweet. My grandparents have been treating me like a baby. I’m TOTALLY not a baby but I’ll take it! My vets and the rest of the staff at Millburn Veterinary Hospital have been absolutely wonderful! We’re very grateful that I have such superb veterinary care from Dr. Glauberg and his entire team! I really love them!

Cheers to health and wellness for ALL!




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